Match Services

"This box of matches contains a secret life much more intense than that of certain human beings." (Joan Miro) match services are a collection of HTTP-based APIs that developers can use to publish, discover, and download match data for their applications. All of the match data that goes through these services is structured the same way, using a standard format.

Publishing is done by sending a POST request to with an AUTH field and a DATA field. The AUTH field is used as a token that authorizes the bearer to publish updates to this match. The DATA field should contain JSON match data, in the format described above. The response from the service will contain the key under which the newly-published match is available.

Every match is given a key K, and can be found at For any given match, live updates can be received by subscribing to, which is a PuSH-enabled Atom feed.

There are also two global feeds: one which contains all match updates, and one which only contains match completions. Systems can subscribe to these feeds to get live updates about all ongoing or completed matches as they happen. These can be found here:

Not enough? Download historical match archives in bulk here.