Researchers studying general game playing are welcome to take advantage of the extensive match archives, which contain 250000+ historical matches across 400+ games, involving 450+ different players. The Dresden GGPServer and's own Tiltyard server, and many smaller match hosts, all publish their matches into this archive.

Using the match archives, you can answer questions like:

Game Repositories

Every match in the archive is tied to a specific game version in one of the game repositories: this association is done by URL, so the rules of a game aren't repeated in each of the thousands of matches that use it.

Do you suspect that the first player tends to win matches of Checkers? Are you curious whether matches of Connect Four tend to take longer than games of Reversi? Find answers based on real data about thousands of actual recorded matches of these exact games.

Match Archives

Archived matches are represented in JSON, using the format defined here.

Looking to download historical match archives in bulk?

Not enough? Get live updates about newly archived matches via match services.

Example Analyses

So you've downloaded a bulk archive of historical matches. What now?

First, we can get started by inspecting individual matches inside the match archives.

Then we can look at an example analysis that the match archives make possible: studying the distribution of opening moves that players choose in Connect Four, and how it changed between 2011 and 2012.

Then we can go through a full-fledged Python program that computes Agon ratings based on the match archives.

Lastly, we'll look at how to process match archives in GGP Base to get answers to complex questions.